Officiant Facts 
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Will you travel to our ceremony site?

Yes it is our pleasure to go to your site.  We travel all over Chicagoland, Indiana, Wisconsin and

What kind of places do you perform weddings at? 

Hotels, Banquet venus, Restaurants, Horse carriages, Your Home, Amusement parks, Botanical
Gardens, Sports Arena's  Malls, Churches, Beach, Chapels, Country Clubs,  Zoo's, Museums,
Navy Pier, The Bean. We want to help make your day perfect.
Can we chose what kind of ceremony we want?

Yes, you will receive several vows, readings, prayers to choose from. You can chose what style you
would like. If you both are fun and want your ceremony to be romantic and fun we can do that.  If
you want a traditional service we can do that. It is your ceremony so I will write your ceremony in the
fashion you chose and you will have final approval!

We have children.

It is our pleasure to have your children play a special part in the wedding. We have several ideas
that may help them feel special.
Can we make payments?

Yes, payments can be made mail.  We also take credit cards.  A non-refundable payment  is due
upon booking and you have the options to make payments.  Final Payment is due  30 days prior. If
you would like to pay in full with a credit card  there is a 15.00 service fee.
What happens at the free one-hour visit?

Your one-hour visit may be over the phone or in-person to accommodate your busy, bride and
groom schedule. I want to hear about your dreams for your cermony and see how we can make it
wonderful for you both.
What do you do to make our ceremony unique?

To make your ceremony unique and fun is to understand who you both are and tell your guests
your story.  Some brides and grooms want a short and sweet ceremony.  Some would like their
love story told. The things you tell me in our meeting, will be written into your ceremony. I will be
able to share your story and any funny stories you tell me, to your guests. There will be laughter
and tears, everyone will love your ceremony.
Do you lead the rehearsal?   Do we need one? 

Yes we do lead your rehearsal.  We strongly suggest you have a rehearsal.  If you are just having
you both and a maid of honor and best man you can chose not to have one. A rehearsal will help
you both to be calm and give your  bridal party peace.  We highly recommend having your
rehearsal  3 days in advance to 14 days in advance. The week prior and day prior to your
wedding can be very, very busy. Our goal is to alleviate stress. Also it is so much more fun to
do it more than 5 days in advance so the celebration begins early and you all enjoy it.

What do you wear to our wedding?

We wear a black outfit, dress pants, sweater set  or a black suit.

How can we honor those who have passed away or who are ill?

A moment of silence, a song, a prayer, memories or a candle  anything that would bring meaning
to you both. This is such a personal moment. If you have any ideas I would love to honor them.  
Where do we get our marriage license? 

Marriage license may be obtained at your county office.  Remember it is the county you will be
married in. It is important to get your license no further than 60 days prior to the ceremony.
Are there chapels we can get married at even though we don't go to church?

There are many chapels and even churches that will rent time. There are also many places where
you can get married. Also , there are many unique and special locations you may want to consider.
We would be  happy to make suggestions.
Do you require premarital counseling? 

No, I do have a program The 5 Love Languages that I refer couples to, also.
Can we incorporate traditions in our ceremony?

Yes, please let me know the traditions if any you would like honored at your ceremony.
Are you really 'Reverends?'
Yes,  Beth and  I  are  ordained and have been involved with ministry for a  combined
48  years.

Do we invite you to the reception or rehearsal dinner?

No, you do not have to. Some couples mail me an invitation.  Sometimes if my schedule allows I
will be able to attend. 
Do couples or family ever tip you?  

Some do and some do not.  
What do we call you?
Jeannie, Beth , or if you would like ... Minister or Reverend.
Do you do renewal of vows?

I love doing renewal of vows.

Do you do funeral services?

It is an honor to conduct funeral services and honor your family member.
Will you perform baby dedications or baptisms?

How do you handle difficult people?

Very well. We treat them with love and respect, however  if you tell me who may be difficult we can
work together along with your planner to have everything go smoothly for you and your guests.
What are your beliefs?

Rev. Jeannie Walton replies:

I am a Christian (Bible Non-Denominational)  I grew up in the Catholic faith and attended Catholic
Schools.  When married we attended a Bible Church and got involved with ministries MOPS
[mothers of preschoolers], Women's bible study, VBS,  Children's Church, Teen group, Family in
Need Ministry, Christmas gift to those in need ministry and much more!

Rev. Beth Krusich replies:

I  am a Christian.  For over 29 years I  have been in ministry, working mostly with children and
families in need physically and spiritually. First, thru the foster care system and then thru not-for-
profit religious organizations that minister to the total family. My professional background is in
Chicago broadcasting.

Rev. Jeannie Walton, Wedding Officiant     708-691-0756   
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Will you help us with the order of the ceremony?

Yes, I will write up your ceremony, for your approval. You
will then know the order and be able to add your song
choices to the ceremony. We make it very easy.
What time do you arrive for our ceremony and do your
ceremonies run on time?

We arrive 30 minutes prior to your ceremony. We always
start on time so you stay on time.

It is an honor to officate your wedding; here are
answers to commonly asked questions: